The Mods of London photographed by Carlotta Cardana

The ‘Mod Scene‘ is a subculture that originated in London in the late 1950s and peaked in the early to mid 1960s. The scene is still thriving these days and caught the attention of London-based photographer Carlotta Cardana. Mod Couples started as an exploration of the Mod scene as a whole and as Cardana advanced, she noticed that the pictures that were more powerful and interesting were those of couples, so she decided to focus exclusively on them. She became utterly fascinated at how the construction of identity is not only negotiated with the accepted norms of the subculture and society at large, but with one’s partner as well.

(Fonte: sewonmyown, via undermythumblr)


Street Sounds Magazine from UK Issue #4. ¡I’m fucking there! I couldn’t be happier; see you in January UK and France, to ink you up!

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